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Praisal is a real estate listings marketplace focused on pre-market properties. It connects you directly to the owner/buyers, so you can reach out and show interest and make initial bids, all with transparency and trust in mind. It puts the power back in the people’s hands for one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives.

Fixing A Broken System

Sean thought of the idea for Praisal while working in real estate and looking to buy a first home with his wife. In what is the biggest financial decision of peoples’ lives, the couple found that very little support was available, and the lack of clarity around the process left them feeling vulnerable and confused. The process is broken, and Sean knew that technology was the key to fixing it.

“ The pre-market assessment is at the core of Praisal and is the beating heart of our tool. We aim to reduce apprehension through the process from both sides, manage expectations and give people  confidence that buyers and sellers can get the result they want. Essentially, we want to be the front door to all listings.

Adapt to Survive

Praisal is quite different now than since its inception. The Praisal story is one of a founder that learned to embrace a development team that won him over with their sheer force of personality and skill. As the development process went on, the startup has to adjust the web app and its features because of team feedback, research, changing government legislation and rigorous testing in the early stages.

“ Through multiple iterations, we got as close to our desired outcome as we wanted, and as an entire team we were very, very happy with that. The team helped us a lot. It was a great experience, and I think we’ve got a long partnership lined up together.

A Special Team Dynamic

The Appetiser team played their part by not shirking the tough conversations about what was and wasn’t working. This commitment to get what’s best for Sean above all else meant that, together, we achieved the optimal outcome. Regular catch-ups, inspiring team personalities and a unique bond that developed over the course of our work together all factored into a deep bond emerging between the teams.

“ Look at Appetiser’s history over the last 18 months; there’s a lot to build on. Collaboration runs through it all because they’re just naturals at it. It’s a core part of each team member’s personality.

Off-market properties live here

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Partnerships and Growth

Praisal is already attracting a strong interest in the real estate world. Multiple agents are working closely with Praisal to help them continue to improve their offering. Global companies are now taking notice of the startup, and they have recently joined forces with BNS as their US technical communications partner to build their communications infrastructure alongside a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Ahead of the Curve

Praisal wants to cement their place as something truly fresh and unique in an industry resistant to progress, and in the end, reach their almost limitless potential by leveraging technology and data alongside trustworthy and transparent business virtues.

While focusing on the US market first, Sean wants to take the startup global soon. He’s recognised a lot of potential in the world’s emerging property markets and the chance to be the place where all the big platforms go to test drive the marketplace.

We used to get distracted by the giants, and what we realised is that we just want to do one thing, and that one thing really, really well. And that is to use progressive technology to help people involved in the real estate process access information and feel as confident as possible before they commit to a decision that will change their lives forever, whether selling or buying… even the agent.

Take Back Control with Praisal

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