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There are more connected things than people in the world; home automation, smart devices, automobile excellence, transportation, and even governments. Connection via the internet of things can optimise the world!

How Can I Succeed?

IOT app development is at the intersection of hardware and software. At Appache Studios, we’ve learnt that the key to success often lies in simplicity and convenience. Give your users the ability to change the room temperature via their smartphone, and you’ve got yourself a gimmick. Give your users the ability to automatically adjust the room temperature based on the weather forecast, and you’ve got a winning feature. If you can save users a few minutes of discomfort each day, you’re onto something good.

If you want to succeed, ask yourself the following questions:

What’s the benefit?

Everything has an app nowadays, but that’s no reason for you to invest. A smart oven that tells you the temperature isn’t anything new, but an oven that you can pre-heat before arriving at home is! When diving into IOT app development, keep focused on the user benefits to create something that really sticks.

How far can I take this?

Your imagination is the only limit of connectivity. Each connection in isolation creates value, but only the entire system working together is truly special. Maximising the benefit of every single connection available to you is your key to success.

Can others benefit?

A connected world is of benefit to everyone; use this to your advantage. Sustainability, improving infrastructure, and optimising smart environments can help your user, but also governments and investment-friendly organisations. You’re opening the doors to funding for your project or reducing production costs that can be reinvested into growth.

Want to Know More?

Contact us for a free consultation and our business strategy team will help answer your questions. You’ll be talking to specialists who’ve helped create apps with millions of users.

What Does My IOT App Need?

Exceptional Designs & User Experience

We’ve all been there, download the app that comes with your new home device, and prepare yourself for a difficult time. Just signing up can be confusing, and that isn’t your fault. At Appache Studios, we’ve found that most IOT apps are underutilised because users don’t understand them. Partner with the product design team in rated 7th in the world and 1st in (rated independently) and benefit from happy users!

Direct Communication

The quality of your IOT app is determined by its weakest link; engineering, software, hardware, or design. For a truly immersive experience, each one has to work hand in hand. That’s why you’ll be talking directly to your app developers and designers rather than any middlemen. Don’t miss out!

A Full Journey Partner

It’s great when your phone unlocks your car, but not so great when your neighbour’s phone can do it too. Security is often neglected or seen as a non-necessity, but if you’re serious about your IOT app, then industry leading security is the only way to go. At Appache Studios, we’ve successfully built infrastructure for electric cars and smart devices, and you can benefit from our previous experience.

Our clients sell IOT enabled devices worth almost $2.7 billion AUD every year. Join us in the world.

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