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Can you be successful with a social media app next to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok? Absolutely, it’s all just a matter of strategy!

Building social media apps means you’re joining a high risk, ultra high reward industry: Many social media app founders are among the wealthiest people in the world. But every once in a while, we see a new app disrupt this space. And that’s for good reason: 3.6 billion users use social media apps, and most of them are happy to use more than one…

How can I succeed?

As the name suggests, a good social media app builds a strong social audience. Yes, the larger players will have more users than you (at first). But if you give users the opportunity to better connect with likeminded people, you may have a winner. Again and again we see new players like Snapchat, Houseparty, and TikTok join this market, and stay forever.

To be successful, ask yourself the following questions:

Do I do one thing really well?

At first most users will use your app for one reason. It could be better communities, a safe environment, a better chat experience, great image or video sharing, using maps, or anything of this nature. No matter what it is, you need to do one thing really well rather than 10 things as good as others.

Do I have a unique audience?

What do Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok have in common? They started with a very specific audience. Ultimately, you’d rather find a niche and start winning users in one area first before you take over everyone. Because the more users you can connect that share the same beliefs, the stronger their bond, and the more addicted they will be to your platform.

Am I willing to go big?

Zuckerberg’s advice to Instagram was simple: If you try to make money before you have 100 million users, you’re doing it wrong. At Appache Studios, we found that it’s possible to get return on investment earlier than that, but there is some truth to what he said: In most social apps, you will try to win as many users as possible without compromising your community. As long as you’re up for it, we can help you get there.

Got questions?

Contact us and our business strategy team can help you answer these questions. You will be talking to specialists who were part of the creation of apps with millions of users.

What does my app need?

World Class Design

You have less than 3 seconds to convince a user to download your app, so let’s make sure first impressions count! Our designers are ranked as the 7th best design team in the world because we know that looks matter. Ideally your app is clean, attractive, and easy to use to onboard as many users as we can!

Technology To Scale

To match your vision with talent, we hire the top 1% of developers globally. Some of our devs came from Google, Apple or Samsung, so they know how to go big.

A Full Journey Partner

To get the users you need, you need more than just a developer. We will surround you with strategists, designers, and marketers to help you make your project a success. Our apps have been downloaded millions of times and generated hundreds of millions of revenue. And you can learn from our experience.

Your social app needs Appache Studios Apps!

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