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Healthcare needs a tech disruption. App technology brings many advantages that can, and will, make a big difference in the future. Appache Studios Healthcare Apps are among the most successful within our portfolio because we help create efficiency, opportunity, and better care through technology. 

How Can I Succeed?

At Appache Studios Apps, we’ve learned that the success of your healthcare app can often be measured by the opportunities created by using it. From there, you have got options: raise money, build community backing, partner with health insurance funds, or, use government funding. Even then, some of our clients’ successes were achieved all by themselves.

To maximise the chances of finding success, ask yourself these questions:

To increase your chances of your own success, ask yourself the following questions:

What problem am I solving?

With healthcare, we find it’s easiest to start by solving a single issue. Do it well, and you’ll soon find you have opportunities to go much further.

Can I make the healthcare system more efficient?

In truth, most of our healthcare app development success comes from hunting for efficiencies such as making systems more efficient, saving time for healthcare workers, creating transparency and ensuring safety for all parties.

Would your app work globally?

Whilst medical rules and regulations differ from country to country, it might surprise you how much healthcare tech is usable across the globe. Building an app for a specific market that can become a global player later can really help bolster your bottom line.

Uncertain About Any of This?

Contact us for a free consultation and our business strategy team can help answer your questions. You’ll talk to specialists who’ve helped create apps with millions of users.

What Does My Healthcare App Need?

A Well Designed User Experience

In healthcare, you’ll deal with both sophisticated workers and patients; outstanding designs attract both! It’s easy to create an app that’s looks great, but it’s hard to design one that succeeds. Our designers will strike the right balance between simplicity and professionalism to cater to all your audiences.

Reliable Technology

From data compliance to making sure your app is always up and running, it’s crucial that you pick the right partner and build an infrastructure that creates trust in your app. Our developers have successfully built apps with appetiser largest medical NFPs, so we know what’s required to have an impact.

A Full Journey Partner

You’ll need more than just a developer to win in the healthcare app space. That’s why you’ll get strategists, designers, and marketers working together to help you make your project a success. We’ve seen apps go from inception to testing with doctors and nurses, then to a successful launch in no time. There is no reason yours can’t do the same!

After working with Appache Studios Apps, Barbcare’s aged care platform was able to partner with Bupa within months of launch.

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