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Let’s talk about more than making money, instead, let’s talk about making an impact. Nonprofit app development allows you to change the world with technology.


Made for Impact

The NFP space is challenging, because every dollar invested into tech could be invested into communities, the environment, education and other causes. But ultimately we’ve found that the nonprofit space is like other projects: the more people we can positively impact, the greater the return! This is how we built projects like the OneRaise platform that raised $10million dollars within the first 12 months.

To Succeed, Ask Yourself These Questions:

How can I reach my audience?

Whether you’re asking for donations in a shopping center or crowdfunding an ocean cleanup project, you’ll always need to reach your audience. Technology is one of many channels to do this. When executed well, technology will help you bridge the gap and connect you to passionate users that stay connected with you long term.

Can an app grow my reach?

When building technology, think about how to get users to invite their friends, colleagues or family. This will reduce your ongoing marketing efforts and optimise your operating ratio. Simply put, the less money spent results in more money donated or invested. If you want to understand how to grow an app from the inside, learn from social apps, or reach out to us about growth hacking.

Why do users care?

Ultimately, we need to connect users with the cause they care about. At Appache Studios, we found that the more personal the experience, the better the results. Together we’ll iterate and run small tests to engage and lock in your audience.

Would you like to
know more?

Contact us for a free consultation. Our business strategy team will help answer your questions. You’ll talk to specialists who’ve helped create apps with millions of users.

What Does My Nonprofit App Need?

Designs to Cherish

It’s not hard to design an app that’s pretty, but in order to convert, we must gain people’s trust. In the nonprofit space, this is key. Trust our designers to find the right balance between simplicity and professionalism. Based on design competitions, we got voted the 7th best design team in the world. Lean on us to help you make your mark.

To Raise the Bar!

It could be your time to change the world, but only if your technical infrastructure is ready. Stability, reliability, and speed can make your app addictive to make retention a breeze. Don’t lose precious users after you gained them. Invest in powerful technology instead! At Appache Studios, we’ve NEVER had a project fail because of technical failure.

A Full Journey Partner

Appache Studios will guide you through app store regulations, growth hacks, expansion plans, optimisations and more. To fight climate change, poverty, inequality or to progress in science, you’ll need more than an app developer; you’ll need a team that’s committed long term! We measure our success based on our clients’ impact on the world, so you know when we say we care, we really mean it.

We built Appache Studios to make an impact on the world with technology. Let’s effect change together!

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