An Entrepreneur’s Bootstrapping Success

In the Beginning

After his first two startups were unsuccessful, entrepreneur Sean Senvirtne was determined to try again. Inspired by Groupon’s $6B acquisition by Google in 2010, he created The website was an ecommerce platform to help businesses attract customers and sell goods online.

Getting Strapped in

Sean took the confident route of 100% bootstrapping the startup from 2012 to 2015. The team learned what worked and adapted. Each pivot took them closer to their goals. It wasn’t long before the startup began to see results. 

Exploring New Markets

It was soon clear that the retail sector was changing, with more customers than ever turning to their smartphones to shop. Sean knew that to truly capture the smartphone audience, MyDeal needed to take advantage of the unique features and benefits only a dedicated app would bring. 


Using Sean’s vision as a guide, we collaborated to create the MyDeal app for both iOS and Android. The goal to provide over 883,000 active customers with a seamless mobile shopping experience and help explode the company’s reach to match their massive potential.


The App Effect

In Oct 2020, the startup listed on the US Stock Exchange, with our app being used as a key tool in the bid to go public. In 2021, gross sales increased by 111.1%. MyDeal is now dominating more recognised brands like H&M, IKEA, StockX, Target and Kogan across the app

Now, supermarket giant Woolworths is acquiring 80% of the online marketplace in a deal that values the 10-year-old company at a massive $243 million!

Constantly Climbing the Charts!

The app now sits above Uniqlo, Asos, Wish, H&M, and Groupon.

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