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The Amazed Experience Marketplace

An Extraordinary Adventure.

Amazed is a new flagship marketplace web app where customers looking for special local experiences can find them, and businesses can connect with customers seeking a day more exciting than one spent on the couch.

Firm Foundations

This marketplace is from the entrepreneurs behind the mega-successful MyDeal (also an Appetiser client/partner). Founder Sean Senvirtne bootstrapped the company for more than a decade.

Only recently, Woolworths acquired MyDeal for almost $300 million in 2022. The hugely successful mobile app and online marketplace now has Amazon in its sights and has amassed a vast audience of over 1 million engaged shoppers so far.

A Startup Within a Startup

The Amazed web app is the second major expansion from within MyDeal’s business model, arriving soon after Appetiser collaborated with them on their mobile app in 2020. Keen not to rest on previous success, the business wanted to explore new growth channels and push for more ways to innovate within an already successful venture.

Founder Sean, understood that a web app was a natural fit for these goals and could help them stay competitive, stimulate growth, boost brand value as well as maximise profitability.

Using the class leading proprietary technology that we engineered together for the MyDeal mobile app, and leveraging their mass of already loyal customers, we got to work to create a web app worthy of the MyDeal name.

Web Gives You the Power to Grow

Amazed has initially launched in Australia, with New Zealand, the USA and UK to follow soon. Amazed is already working with over 250 US suppliers, including Melbourne Zoo, and Global Ballooning and experience.co!

They’ll be challenging the biggest brands from the outset in the attractive experiences and activities space. It’s a market that’s currently valued at $145 Billion and is forecast to grow by 20% year on year. What an opportunity.

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